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Season 4 is finally here and were ready to get you to Tier 100 in no time!

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Fortnite Tips - Training Grounds

Welcome to, We noticed battle royale players needed a place to train and get tips on how to quickly get victories in Fortnite. Here at Fortnite-Tips, you can find everything from secret maps, squad blueprints, quest wiki and more. We have an exclusive youtube vlog where you can catch up on the latest professional videos. We designed unique maps to help new players find productive areas on the map while also staying hidden from players within your AO. The sec-map displays all possible storm lines so you and your squad can determine the best place to land based on the probability of where the storm will be.

The critical focus is surviving as long as possible without engaging enemies. When trying to survive a long time, you want to stay hidden at all times by using bushes and crouch-running along trenchs. Most people focus too much on chests and searching for prey, which in the end gets them killed. All you need is an M16 assault rifle or Burst AK74 and your shotgun of choice. Farm wood and stone resources the most, while only raw mining resources for more gain like trees and rocks. Camp in large bushes and creep along the storm lines till the storm is getting smaller. Once the storm shield is small enough run inside the safe zone and make a tower on the edge of the storm line; Cover the sky in floor pallets and strike your opponent from above. When the storm closes in your tower will be left safe in the rain while you build inward with floor pallets.

There are many different ways you can survive to the top three, and we have plenty of tips for you to create your unique method of winning. Fortnite-Tips also offers tons of secret ways to level up your season level and tier faster than ever before. We review some of the most amazing skins and items, so you don't waste your money. Fortnite season 3 is packed with tons of awesome gear that is worth the grab. In a year these skins will be extremely rare, and you will be one the few that has them. If you can't afford a battle pass, then watch our youtube series and stay up-to-date to earn a chance to win $10 visa gift card / 1000 vbucks every week. With the meteor coming for Tilted Towers you will want to get all your training in. Stop by the secret maps page for more tools on how to get an advantage over other players. We have a mentor system for new players where they can find helpful players to teach them the ways of Fortnite! We have a team ready to keep you up to date on everything Fortnite! Check out our facebook page:

Season 4 is packed full of awesome superhero suits, spray paints and candy themed skins. Here at fortnite tips we have the best 60 second tip videos on youtube so you can spend more time grinding your battle pass.

Wiki & Updates

Stay up-to-date with the battle pass quest wiki and learn how to finish some of the tricky quests before your friends. The quest wiki was designed after we relieved they were releasing puzzle quests to make it a more exciting experience. These puzzle quests consist of stars or objects hidden around the map and usually require a sequence to finish. Epic games seem to love the idea of easter eggs and releasing hidden quests early. We go over all the possible easter eggs and up-coming hidden content yet to be discovered.

  • Meteor Coming for Tilted Towers!
  • Meteor signs point toward Tilted Towers!
  • Search TV to watch troll dance! Easter Egg!
  • Dwarf Knome found in random brick walls! Easter Egg!
  • Dusty Depot Treasure Map Quest Wiki
  • Pool & Umbrella Quest Wiki
  • Suitcase with a tiny cabbage conveyer belt machine inside! EasterEgg? or Future Quest?